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Bolt information.
B.A (British Association)
British Standard sizes.
BRITISH Standard - Fine, BSF.
BRITISH Standard - Whitworth, BSW.
Determination of tensile stress in the threaded section.
Determination of  tightening torque.
Establishing the preload
Getting Fastener Details.
How do we measure torque?
How to specify torque values for fasteners.
How we use torque to create tension?
ISO Metric Coarse Threads.
ISO Metric Fine Threads.
Mechanical properties of fasteners.
Show me an example.
Stresses induced into a bolt.
Terms used in to formulae.
Thread coefficient of friction.
Torque value calculation procedure.
What is Torque?
Why the force applied is converted into tension?
Underhead coefficient of friction.
United fine thread series, UNF.
United Coarse thread series, UNC